About aLeda

aLeda was founded in 2006 by the young Brazilian entrepreneur Renato Volonghi, who invented the transparent rolling papers that are now seen around the world.

Today, aLeda is one of the leading rolling paper manufacturers worldwide, producing both transparent rolling papers and regular (bleached and unbleached) rolling papers, as well as blunt wraps and herbal cigar cones.

aLeda and King Paper are there to make everyone profit: the end consumer, who is interested in rolling the best cigarettes and joints, but also the shops selling them. By providing high quality goods with a high profit margin for the retailer while maintaining a low price for the end consumer, everyone is happy!

The European market is flooded with low-quality rolling papers and blunts, and we are here to change that. We want all of Europe to roll their cigarettes, joints and blunts with only the best papers and wraps that are out there. That is why we have now established a base in the Netherlands, where all retailers and end consumers can order their high quality rolling products without high MOQ’s or shipping costs. If you’re only interested in buying one display or even one booklet of aLeda or King Paper, you’re in the right place! (But of course, we can also help you with higher quantities)