aLeda ‘Clássica’ King Size Rolling Papers


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aLeda ‘Clássica’ King Size Rolling Papers are some of the best rolling papers in the world. Made by the Brazilian rolling paper company aLeda from the finest natural Arabic gum for smokers who crave perfection.

Although these rolling papers are named “King Size Regular”, they are slightly smaller than the “regular size” from other brands. These King Size rolling papers can be compared to “Slim Size” from other brands.

aLeda Clássica Papers are perfect for rolling inside out joints, if you don’t want to smoke any more paper than necessary. The thickness is just perfect, so they are easy to roll, slow burning and with a minimal taste while smoking. These papers allow you to enjoy the natural flavour of your precious herbs without much interference from the paper.

We also sell white aLeda slim size papers and unbleached rolling papers.


About The aLeda ‘Clássica’ King Size Rolling Papers

  • Regular Rolling Papers
  • Bleached / White Paper
  • Natural Arabic Gum
  • Contains 33 Leaves (20 packs per box)
  • King Size Regular

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